Proofing Resume

 In audiobook proofing, I am listening for and marking extraneous noises and disruptive breaths, too-short or too-long pauses, ambient noises, all in addition to insuring that the audio is accurate to the text (including pronunciations) and that character voices remain consistent throughout the book.

Specifically, I provide a highlighted PDF and a google spreadsheet which notes Chapter, Page, Time, Error and Correction. I can also highlight and note within the PDF itself if the narrator prefers.


I am an experienced proofer (over 300 books proofed) who will be a dependable team member in delivering a quality product. I firmly believe : " When you enjoy what you do, it doesn’t feel like a job”




Lynda is my go-to proofer for audiobooks. She has an amazing ear and attention to detail and works quickly and efficiently. She has done all genres of books for me and I trust her enough to highly recommend her to fellow peers in the industry.   

- Jeff Kafer, producer & narrator

I highly recommend Lynda for audiobook proofing. She wants to help the narrator deliver a flawless product to the producer/publisher. Her precision and timeliness have consistently given me everything you could ask of a proofer.  

- Arielle DeLisle, narrator

" I've worked with Lynda on many books and I've never met a more conscientious and thorough proof listener. Her communication and organization skills are above excellent, and I'd recommend her to anyone ( except that she's mine! )"

- Adam Verner - Natural Voice, Narrator

We Produce Audiobooks has strict guidelines for our proofreaders and Lynda Rossi is the proofreader that sets the performance bar for other proofreaders to aspire. She has all the qualities of a successful audiobook proofreader, but most importantly she is a people person and possesses tremendous empathy which is a valuable asset when working with actors. If you are not using Lynda then good, more for us!

- Jonah Cummings, We Produce Audiobooks